Line Of Thought

What We Offer


What We Offer

From 1 hour sessions at your workplace to 10 week-courses at your college, all our workshops are bespoke. We tailor your sessions to your needs.


1 term

8-10 weekly sessions of 2 - 2 1/2 hours.

Over the course of a term participants will explore a wide range of topics relating to one central theme. Group discussions, philosophical games and practical exercises in drawing, printmaking and painting feed into one another.

For example…

"Art & Philosophy at the RCA", Royal College of Art, October-December 2017.
8 consecutive Saturdays with sixth-form students from local schools at the Royal College of Art, London. Over the course we explored our theme of 'Identity and the Self'. The group wrote their own manifesto, looked at Pacific Island masks from the British Museum to investigate the masks we wear on social media and created fake passports for their altar egos. The course highlight however must have been our very special guest: artist and drag performer Victoria Sin, with whom the group explored issues in gender and identity.

1 week

Week long courses often have more of collaborative approach. Critical discussion will provide the framework for a group project.

For example..

"The Oedipus Project" -  Royal College of Art, July 2016.
A Week with art students aged 18-25. Over the course, students got to know the myth of Oedipus, who unwittingly kills his father and marries his mother, before illustrating their own modern adaptation of the story through colour woodcut printmaking. Discussions moved from philosophical questions about fate and responsibility to explorations of story structure as the group created a collective woodcut portfolio.

1 Session

A one day or half-day taster session. After some philosophical ice-breakers, participants will explore one topic through discussion-based games and a practical exercise.

For example…

"Off The Wall" - Dulwich Picture Gallery, 12th May 2018.
”Why come to a gallery when you can see so pictures of all the artworks online?” This 2 hour workshop with was all about copies and originals. A group discussion touched on the topics of cloning, social media, and robots took place before we entered the gallery. We then unpacked and drew from from 2 paintings in the museum's collection: Jacob van Ruisdael's 'Landscape with Windmills near Haarlem' (1650) and John Constable's 1831 copy of the Ruisdael. The group then created postcards of works in the collection through the traditional printing process of etching.