Line Of Thought

What They Say




Workshop participants

“I’ve never done anything like this. It has definitely affected what I think about and talk about afterwards.”

J.J. (17)

"We drew from films, models and our imagination using a range of materials. We even painted on roof tiles, which was exciting. I really liked the range of mediums we worked with, the depth of the discussions and the opportunities we were given."

I.R. (13)

“I’ve really enjoyed every weekend I’ve had. Sometimes I come out feeling like my mind has been blown. The workshops have made me respect everyone’s opinions better and made me want to have a whole new look at everything.”

A.W. (18)

“I loved the course because it enabled me to have discussions and listen to people’s different points of view. There was a freedom to have your views altered without being embarrassed."

B.L. (14)

“It was free and exciting to think about how philosophical discussion and artistic expression are mutually beneficial.”

V.A. (17)

"The course made me realise that everyone is different yet equal in the sense that everyone can contribute and work together as a team. I loved how I could speak my mind and hear the views of others. Also meeting the Drag Queen! It definitely changed my views as we talked about so many things i hadn’t considered before, like ‘authenticity’."

A.S. (16)


“It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Line Of Thought in NYC with Rush Education Programs. Jake is thoughtful, intelligent, intuitive, kind and hard-working. His understanding of visual art as well as philosophy inform his work as a teacher in equal measure. He cares deeply for his students and works well in a team of professionals.”

Meridith McNeal,
Director of Education at RUSH Arts, New York

”The students have been so enthusiastic about the way they were treated and the work they did. In addition, several parents have contacted me to say how delighted they had been with the influence the sessions have had.”

Alison Meechan,
Head of Art, Burntwood School


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