Line Of Thought

The Benefits


What are the benefits of a Line Of Thought workshop for your museum, company or school?


Culture is the heartbeat of society. It allows to us to reflect on and shape the world around ourselves, as well as the world inside ourselves.

As the funding for the arts and art education continues to be cut in the UK, Line Of Thought’s mission is to provide adults and young people not only with practical skills in drawing, printmaking and writing, but also the tools to think independently, question one’s values and to learn through collaboration.

Yes, these qualities are essential for budding artists, but they are also invaluable professional and life skills. Sir Ken Robinson puts it best: “Creativity isn’t exclusive to the arts: It’s a function of intelligence. Any form of human intellectual activity is a scene of potential creative achievement.”

Our workshops are all about leaving you looking at the world a little bit differently than you did yesterday.

Benefits For Your Company

Boost wellbeing within the workplace with a weekly drawing class or fine-tune your team’s creative thinking skills with a philosophical discussion-based workshop. Or… combine the two! Get in touch and discuss how we can deliver a workshop that is unique to your identity and needs.

  • Collaborative learning, promoting bonding within the group.

  • Boost creativity within your team.

  • Develop skills in listening, empathy and appreciating alternative points of view.

  • Art tuition from an internationally exhibiting artist. Learn transferable skills in drawing and visual thinking.

  • Be challenged to consider fresh ways of approaching familiar ideas and unexpected solutions to familiar problems.

Benefits For Your Gallery or Museum

Explore your collection or exhibition in a different light with enquiry-based discussions, build skills in drawing or printmaking… Or combine both within a single workshop!

  • Allow participants to explore your collection in a new way through philosophical challenges.

  • Engage specific communities through days based on particular themes.

  • Workshops and activities for schools, families or adults.

  • Art tuition from an internationally exhibiting artist.

    Benefits For Your Sixth-Form or School

We provide one-off workshops, weekly enrichment sessions or week-long holiday courses in art and philosophy.

  • Students develop skills in critical thinking that transfer to English, Maths and Politics and more.

  • A safe space for subjects like mental health, sexuality, and the stresses of being a young adult or child to be discussed freely and maturely with one’s peers.

  • Art tuition from an internationally exhibiting artist. The work made can also be submitted as art coursework and is hugely beneficial when applying for art courses in the future.

  • Students develop skills in listening, seeing alternative points of view and collaborating with others that are essential throughout education, future workplaces and their daily lives.

  • Students define their identity as they test and explore their values and beliefs.